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One of the hottest topics around the web right now is the topic of net neutrality. Now net neutrality at it’s heart is like an equality act for the Internet. It allows every site, small business, or web based network to have just as much of a fighting chance as the other bigger sites. For example, let’s say you wanted to start a site like Amazon.com. With net neutrality you have a fighting chance of someone finding your service and using it.

But here lately several business have been in full support of basically getting rid of net neutrality. One of the biggest companies that has been involved in the fuss is the search engine Google. So what exactly would happen if they got rid of net neutrality? Well you would still be able start your own online site or business but you would be hard pressed to get a fair chance.

What is going on is that Verizon wants to offer (for a price) major face time to some of the nets biggest companies. Think of it as a free pass to move to the head of the class. This could put a serious hurt on the smaller companies that can’t afford to buy this privilege. So should big time companies like Google be able to have access to something like this? Personally I think they shouldn’t.

If anything the tables should be turned and the small businesses should be the ones who get to move to the front. I think this whole thing comes down to favoritism via money. Google can give Verizon a truckload of money that would not only boost Verizon’s economic standpoint but would also increase Google’s revenue. I don’t necessarily believe all the bashings about Google being evil are true. After all, they are a business and they do have to make choices that will allow them to keep their business growing.

However, I don’t feel that net neutrality should even be an issue on the table. Companies like Google are already very well known and really don’t have a need to get their name out there. As I said before I believe that it is only fair that the smaller companies that are struggling should get a free pass. At least until they can get a sizable following at Which point Verizon would cut them off saying “Hey you have enough of a following that you need to be cut off.” The internet was built on hard work and is continued to be built on hard work. That is why those who are still working hard should get the extra push. Not the companies that are already established.


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