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At long last Netflix for iPod and iPhone is here! Even though I do have an iPad I was very excited to finally see Netflix for the iPod touch and iPhone. After having been released today it is already the talk of the web. So why is this update such a big deal? Well for one if you don’t have an iPad you can watch movies or tv shows instantly on your iPod!

Many people don’t have iPad (I know hard to believe right?) but they do have iPhones and maybe even a Netflix account. With Netflix now available on iPhone and iPod it really opens up the mobile capacity for people. Netflix has been around since the early 2000s and has quickly grown large in many ways. In recent years they have introduced instant play, an on demand ability to watch movies and tv shows right on your computer.

Now the instant play ability has grown tremendously. Not only can you watch movies on your iPad (and now iPod and iPhone as well) but devices such as the Roku box and gaming systems like the Wii and xbox 360 also have Netflix compatible capabilities. Instant play has revolutionized the way we watch movies. But what does this all mean for traditional stores like Blockbuster?

Well it could mean they are on their way out. One of the biggest hassles of renting a movie is having to, not only making sure you have it back on time, but also making sure nothing happens to the DVD itself so YOU don’t have to replace it. With instant play movies both issues are eliminated. Not only do you not have a physical DVD to keep track of, you don’t have to worry about retiring anything.

Now with instant play being on so many devices and becoming more and more portable we may see movie rental stores phase out. While right now there are some movies and tv shows that cannot be accessed on instant play alone, in time I believe it will. Another reason I think that more movies will become instant play is because it will dramatically cut down on pirated movies. Some people rent DVDs only to burn them and resell them on a DVD black market of sorts. Sure instant play won’t discourage pirates for long but it could give a fighting chance. Instant play can be watched almost anytime anywhere meaning soon even new movies will become available online until we see the eventual disbandment of brick and mortar rental stores.


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In the news lately has been an AMAZING new advancement that china is working on. It is called the Straddling Bus. Estimated to be ready by late 2011 the Straddling Bus is really the future of transportation. The main idea behind the concept is to cut down on pollution (Seeing as China has surpassed the U.S. in greenhouse gas output.) The design behind the Straddling Bus will allow it to literally drive over traffic.

Any vehicle that is around 6.5 feet will be able to pass directly under the Straddling Bus. Even more amazing is that it will be able to hold over a thousand passengers at a time! Now unlike a regular bus the Straddling Bus isn’t like a normal free-range bus. It will be restricted to a track almost like a monorail but on ground level. Is this going to be the next in transportation?

Obviously China does have a lot more advancements than many other parts of the world in terms of transportation and communication. As far as how the bus will be powered? Well the plan is to have it run off of a mix of electric and solar power. This form of power is key in order to have the Straddling Bus being in co-operation of a greener world. Allowing it to reduce use of conventional gases and fuels.

Now will we be seeing these types of buses in America anytime soon? My best guess would be no. The simple fact being that, for one, the U.S. highway system is not adequately designed to sustain any kind of rail system. Not to mention in order for them to made to be able to support a rail system like this there would have to be millions upon billions of dollars spent in order to revamp the entire highway system. Do I think it could be possible in bigger areas?

Definitely! Areas like San Francisco and Los Angeles, maybe even New York could see these buses in areas in as little as 10-20 years. My only concern would be the political issues. Would people really want to have these buses installed? One of the main issues I see would be the possible increase in traffic accidents at least for the first 2-3 years after introduction of the Straddling Bus. I mean if you think about it this is going to be an entirely new thing for any driver on the road.

Whether it is an American driver or a driver from China no one is going to be used to having this huge moving structure travel directly over them. It is bound to be a bit of a shock and startle to many people. I do think that this could definitely fly though. While it may take a few years to catch on completely there is still that chance that it could spread worldwide. I see this as being the beginning of a new age of fast more efficient means of travel.

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