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Hot topic of the day (and I do mean HOT) is the story of an iPod overheating in Tokyo causing a passenger train to stop dead in it’s tracks, no pun intended, and during rush hour no less! The ordeal occurred on Friday after the crew began smelling something burning. Not long after they began their search for the source a woman presented them with her iPod ( the model of which has not been revealed) which had inexplicably burnt up and fallen apart. All of this couldn’t have come on at a more inopportune time. Apple Japan has been experiencing issues of late with iPods overheating.

Does all of this mean that the joyous Apple we knew where everything just worked is gone? Highly doubtful. Throughout history any manufacturer of electronics has had their ups and downs. I mean come on I am sure we all remember Windows Me right? Arguably one of the worst OS’ ever. But all in all before and after that, Microsoft has had decent systems.

So why is it such a big deal that Apple has had a few missteps lately? Well think of it this way. Apple has been thrust into the light ever since the release of the iPod. They have become as big, if not bigger, than Microsoft in some ways. Which is exactly why anytime they make a mistake people notice it. And as all things you have people who love em’ and people who hate em’.

When you combine the fact that Apple has quickly become one of the largest distributors of computers and technology in a very short time. Along with the die-hard windows fans just waiting for them to fall then you are bound to have a clash of the titans. Though it is solely Apples, or any technology development company, responsibility to make sure that they put the best product they can I have no doubt this whole thing will be resolved in a timely manner.


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